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Great product

"Love it did exactly what it said it would do, great price too"

Brian E Cheek

takes off old marks

"This product cleaned my surface top so that it looked new. There were some stubborn old spots that I had not been able to get off before and this product worked."

Joyce Miller

It Really Works!

"I hate late night infomercials. They all seem brilliant at 3am, but once my insomnia-plagued brain wakes up, the product rarely delivers. This goes for any product that advertises in a similar fashion. So, I was skeptical when I "add to cart" this product. Holy cows riding around in clown cars, it worked! I followed the directions and I'm still amazed at how good it looks. The next time we used it, the usual drips and mess did not stick and immediately stain. It simply wiped right off. It made it so easy to clean, even a lazy teenager can do it. It's been a week. We cook every day, several times a day. The glass looks a pristine as it did coming out of the box."



‘I was introduced to one of Barry’s products by a neighbor about 7 years ago. I started by using the “Cooktop Rescue”.  Loved this product to clean up my “old” stovetop. Then in 2016, we had our kitchen remodeled. I invested in other Barry’s products for all my new appliances and granite tops. All great products! Many thanks to Barry and his crew members that developed these wonderful products!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Natalie Provinse

Make my granite shine like it's new!

"I've been using another granite cleaner since I remodeled my kitchen and it never looked like it did when it was brand new. However, when I bought this product, upon the recommendation of a friend, my granite had the most beautiful shine on it and looked like it did when it was first installed. Since I got it, I've been using it almost every time I cook, just because I love seeing my countertops look so shiny and perfect. Great product. Everyone should try it!"

Howard M Brass

Works Great !

"Works wonders ! Gets the job done easy and looks great !"

rachelle lifpitz

Amazing! Highly recommend

"Great product!! Best cleaner on the market"


Makes my surfaces shiny, that was my goal

"cleaning various surfaces, tile back splash older wooden end tables, leaves them clean and shiny"


It restored my glass stove top to perfection

"When we moved in a year ago, I inherited a glass top electric range. Keeping it clean has proven a challenge. Along with the range, I inherited the prior owner's bottle of Weiman's glass cook top cleaner. The problem I had was that drips would get caked on and having to wait until the glass is COMPLETELY cooled before wiping it down, meant that there always seemed to be a small residue left, even after using the Weiman's. A friend recommended this product and after giving it a try, all of the residue markings are completely gone and the glass looks like new again. I just use a paper towel and the all purpose rescue spray and with one wipe, it is perfection."

Howard M Brass

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