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Barry’s Collar Rescue helps you restore the Aluminum and Brass diffuser collars and burner caps found on stove tops of most leading manufacturers


Exposed to chemicals, foods and air, these surfaces will tarnish and become discolored, unsightly and very difficult to clean


Barry’s Collar Rescue incorporates our world famous ULTRA SHINE chemistry and select proprietary abrasives to quickly soften and remove even the most aggravated conditions and render the surface ‘Like New’ in minutes


"#1 Leading Manufacturer's & Consumer's Choice"

Collar Rescue™ Kit

  • Kit Contents:

    1-Instruction Pamphlet

    2-.25oz. Ultra Shine Packets

    1-Small Blue Handle w/Grey Finishing Pad

    2-Small Brown Handles w/Red Conditioning Pad

    1-Microfiber Cloth

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