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Barry's E-Z Shine Polishing Cloth

"This product was amazing. I used Goddard's Silver polish to polish some antique silverware. It left some spots on the blades of the knives. The spots were pretty prolific and pretty ugly. I used Herman's Silver Polish, Wrights Silver Polish and everything else that I thought might work. Nothing phased these dismal monstrosities. I emailed Barry. The next day, he responded, recommending his E-Z Shine Polishing Cloth. Skeptically, I purchased the product. The cloth is like the old blitz cloth's we used to have in the service to clean our brass. This cloth was amazing. The stains came right out with minimal effort. With slightly more effort, the blades were looking great, without the spots. I used the cloths on the silver handles too, which came out amazing! I have since ordered three more....I have some work to do."

Christopher R Ross


"I never leave reviews for any products but dang....."

Amazon Customer

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