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"I used this on my parents bronze headstones. They have an gold antiqueing to them that we couldn't even see any more & these headstones aren't that old, 8 years old. I sprayed the first spray on them, let it sit like the directions said & used the steel wool on it & the gold antigueing appeared. I couldn't believe it because I thought it had worn off but there it was. They look brand new again. This stuff is amazing."

Judy Turnquist

Really Works!

"This really works! We followed all of the directions (going in the correct order, allowing it time to set, etc.) and it turned out great!! We also brought some extra cleaning rags and a soft bristle toothbrush (it only came with one rag, so I’d recommend bringing an extra or some paper towels). It brought the gold lettering back out made the stone shine. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re looking to clean up a grave marker!"


This really works.

"You can see from the before and after pictures, that this product really worked! I was surprised. I truly did not expect the results that we got for the price. Of course, it does not bring back bronze that has been worn away but it restores and cleans what’s there so that is looks 1000% better than it did before. Highly recommended."


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