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Scratch-B-Gone FAQ

This section contains information about Scratch-B-Gone, for additional information on our other products please contact us directly at 888-889-9876 or via email.


What is Scratch-B-Gone?

Scratch-B-Gone is a soft-metal restoration kit designed to remove scratches, rust and stains while blending and oxidizing the newly restored metal to match the existing surrounding areas.


Is Scratch-B-Gone a new product?

Brought to market in 2003, Scratch-B-Gone is the only manufacturer-recommended stainless steel restoration kit used by homeowners, manufacturers and service professionals worldwide. It is used or highly recommended by top appliance manufacturers as well as elevator manufacturers and facility maintenance providers.


Is Scratch-B-Gone difficult to use?

The kit comes complete with everything needed to successfully re-mediate minor abrasions to gouged scratches on soft metal surfaces such as brushed stainless steel. It is user-friendly, non-toxic and environmentally safe. If you can follow a straight line you can quickly and permanently restore the surface of your favorite appliance, valued architectural elements or large stainless steel panels.


What surfaces can Scratch-B-Gone be used on?

Any soft-metal grained surface is ideal for Scratch-B-Gone, such as a sink, refrigerator, ventilation hood, barbeque or grill! Commercial kits are available for contractors, property managers and facility maintenance companies that clean or restore elevators, metal railings, bathroom partitions, architectural surfaces and more.


What surfaces should Scratch-B-Gone NOT be used on?

Never use Scratch-B-Gone on any surface without a grain-finish, such as mirrored or high gloss surface. Also, do not use Scratch-B-Gone on any surface treated with a “clear coat” or any synthetic or imitation Stainless steel finish.


Does the entire surface need to be refinished or can damage be repaired in an isolated area?

One of the benefits of using Scratch-B-Gone is you do not have to refinish the entire surface. It will effectively remove even deep scratches while working only a few inches around the scratch.


What results may I expect using Scratch-B-Gone?

Scratch-B-Gone will not only remove most scratches but will also effectively blend and oxidize the metal surface area to match the surrounding metal finish. This will provide a like-new finish to your appliance.


How does Scratch-B-Gone work?

The Scratch-B-Gone kit provides everything you need to restore you appliance, sink or grille’s scratched or scuffed surface to a like-new finish. Scratches are actually misaligned grain. Through the use of the proprietary formulation of ULTRA SHINE™, the revolutionary new lubricating, blending, oxidizing, polishing and protecting solution, combined with the comfort grip tool and specialized pads found in the Scratch-B-Gone kit, you’ll be able to realign the grain to match the surrounding surface. The blending and oxidation process will eliminate the “bright spots” usually associated with scratch removal.


What guarantee do I have Scratch-B-Gone will remove the scratches from my stainless steel or other soft-metal finish?

When used as directed, you will see a significant improvement to the scratched surface. Most scratches are removed in just a few minutes. If you cannot remove the scratch to your satisfaction, we suggest you contact Restore It Yourself, Inc. directly for assistance: 1-888-889-9876. In most cases, troubleshooting direction will resolve the problem.


What other options do I have for effective scratch removal for my home appliances?

Scratch-B-Gone is effectively the only stainless steel restoration kit available on the market today. Our proprietary solution and pads are far more superior to other off-the-shelf restoration product. Be careful when considering options that involve toxic or hazardous chemicals, such as those containing Perchloroethylene, a chemical rated highly toxic by the U.S. Government. Also, consider whether the product is marketed to remove only “surface” rather than all scratches and whether one must refinish the entire surface, rather than remove scratches on a localized basis.


Who is Restore It Yourself, Inc.?

Barry's Restore It Yourself Products manufactures and distributes restoration and janitorial products to commercial and residential customers worldwide. Most of our products have been developed over years of research and field testing for quality and effectiveness. The company’s two sister companies specialize in surface restoration solutions and training. Learn more by calling us at (888) 889-9876.

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