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Better than I expected

"As the pictures show, the scratches are gone! It took less than an hour and some effort. The scratches were deep enough to feel so it took a bit of sanding to get them out but the blending pads smoothed it all out and removed the sanding marks. Amazing!"

W. Jep


"I purchased this product last night and it arrived today (1-day delivery). All I can say is WOW!! We had some scratches and abrasions from moving the grates on the top of our Wolf range. I was VERY skeptical about using anything on the range because I was afraid to make it worse. After unsuccessfully trying to find someone to restore the metal, I decided to give this product a try. It took quite a bit of elbow grease but MAN was it worth it. The results are absolutely amazing! As long as you follow the instructions (and your stainless is not coated), I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product. The results require a marathon vs a sprint but worth the effort!"

Martin St John

It definitely works

"Well I was skeptical, especially with this price tag, but I was happily surprised that it actually worked. I used it on my sink and it looks so much better. I will say that there are still scratches there, you just can’t really notice them because they are so light now. I probably could have removed them all the way but my elbow grease got tired. So one day when I’m bored I will probably have another go at it, but I’m satisfied on how much better my sink looks."


Excellent cleaner

"Was great on my kitchen sink"


Made My Stainless Steel Grill Look Like New

"I recently got a great deal on a floor model Weber grill from Lowe's. The only issue it had was that some of the stainless steel was marked up and discolored from being on display. I've used Barry's products in the past and they have always worked as advertised, so I gave this Stainless Steel Rescue a shot and it did not disappoint. It really cleaned up the unit nicely with minimal effort. My only advise- follow the directions and use sparingly. A little goes a long way so this bottle should last a really long time.

Neal B.

Amazing. Life changing.

"This product is AMAZING at cleaning stainless appliances with absolute ease. Just spray a paper towel and rub down. Minimal elbow grease required and your appliances will be fingerprint free in 30 seconds. Buy it."


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