Barry's Cooktop Rescue™ is a penetrating, breathable sealer that acts like Teflon® on glass, porcelain and stainless cooktops. It’s heat resistant formulation tolerates high cooking temperatures and reduces adherence of spillovers making cleanup easy and safe.

Cooktop Rescue™ 6oz.

  • 1) Clean loose surface debris prior to applying.


    2)  Remove cap liner prior to use.


    3) Apply liberal amount to soft towel and wipe over entire area to be cleaned and protected.  


    4) Rub in and let stand for 3-4 minutes (on stainless steel follow grain direction).  


    5) Apply light second coat and let stand for 2 minutes.


    6) Buff surface before using. For hardened food deposits apply a liberal amount directly on food build-up and allow to sit and soften for 2 minutes or until soft, then wipe clean.

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