• Barry's Stainless Steel Rescue Maintenance Spray works great on stainless steel surfaces as a daily maintenance spray!
  • For scratches try our famous Scratch-B-Gone Homeowner Repair Kit
  • Stainless Steel Rescue quickly cuts through: grease, smudges and sticky residue
  • Stainless Steel Rescue cleans, polish and protects for that streak-free, "just polished" look!
  • "#1 Leading Manufacturer's & Consumer's Choice"

Stainless Steel Rescue Maintenance Spray™ 16oz.

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  • 1) Pre-fold microfiber or soft fabric towel to make a square pad.


    2) Spray Stainless Steel Rescue directly onto pad and wipe over surface in grain direction till it feels smooth.


    3) Flip pad over and buff with clean, dry side.