E-Z Shine Polishing Cloth™ is the best friend metal can have. It cleans, polishes and leaves an invisible protective coat on Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Chrome, Silver, Gold, and Copper. E-Z SHINE Polishing Cloth replaces a shelf of cleaners and stores in tight places. Use on Duco enamel, paint, fine varnished wood, porcelain, glass and tile. Removes scratches, stains, and water rings left on wood furniture. Leaves furniture glossy and resistant to dust and watermarks. Polishes brass handles and takes rust off steel. Yet it’s gentle enough to clean heirloom jewelry. A single cloth outlasts a quart of any popular metal polish. Reusable


  • Restore brass, stainless steel, aluminum, Duco enamel, pewter, and tile
  • Remove Oxidation from Gelcoat, fiberglass, Hypalon and vinyl pinstriping
  • Remove Stains On Wood Furniture from water, ink and heat marks
  • Banish Surface Scratches from furniture, enamel and silver
  • Remove Burn Marks from appliances and wood
  • Remove Paint Spots from metal and glass

E-Z Shine Polishing Cloth™


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