• The E-Z Shine Polishing Cloth is the best friend metal can have! It cleans, polishes and leaves an invisible protective coat on Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Chrome, Silver, Gold, and Copper. The E-Z SHINE Polishing Cloth replaces a shelf of cleaners and stores in tight places. Polishes brass handles and takes rust off steel, yet  gentle enough to clean heirloom jewelry. A single cloth outlasts a quart of any popular metal polish. Reusable!
  • Restore brass, stainless steel, aluminum, duco enamel, pewter, and tile!
  • Remove oxidation from gelcoat, fiberglass, hypalon and vinyl pinstriping also stains on wood furniture from water, ink and heat marks!
  • Banish surface scratches from furniture, enamel and silver!
  • "#1 Leading Manufacturer's & Consumer's Choice"

E-Z Shine Polishing Cloth™