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Barry's Cemetery Marker Care System is the only product to be found effective to safely remove surface scale deposits. Please use Everbrite or Rust-Oleum (only on bronze surfaces) to seal the metal once cleaned for longer results


A complete marker care system; it works fast to clean and protect your granite or bronze grave markers to their original appearance and clarity


Restores a long-lasting richness to dry and discolored surfaces of granite and bronze


Depending on the severity of damage, results may vary. Varying climates and water damage can range the effectiveness of the kit


Each kit contains 1 | 2oz. bottle of Cleaner and 1 | 2oz. bottle of Renewer. This is a small kit but enough product to clean at least 1 cemetery marker


"#1 Leading Manufacturer's & Consumer's Choice" Give your loved ones the beautiful memorial they deserve!

Cemetery Marker Care System™

  • This kit works best on DRY, dust and dirt-free surfaces.


    1. Apply fine spray of Cleaner (green liquid) to surface (calcium deposits will foam white). Let stand 60 seconds. Use Brown Scrub Pad for granite surfaces and White Soft Scrub Pad for bronze surfaces to loosen buildup. Spray second coat where needed. This canister can be used as a water container. Sprinkle water onto surface as cleaner begins to tack or dry. Continue scrubbing. DO NOT scrub aggressively on bronze. Wash cleaned surface with water and dry.


    2. Shake contents of Renewer bottle (semi-clear liquid) before using. Apply liberal amount of Renewer to stone or bronze and rub on entire surface to be restored. Wait 2-3 minutes. Apply second coat and let dry. Polish with dry towel. If streaks appear, sprinkle with water, polish to a SHINE! Keep out of reach of children. Contains mineral spirits and citric acids.

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