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CONGRATULATIONS on choosing STAINLESS RUST MEDIC™. Your STAINLESS RUST MEDIC KIT is the ORIGINAL and ONLY manufacturer-supported and recommended product to remove chemical stains and rust from non-coated stainless steel while protecting it with the advanced technology of Nano particles.


The STAINLESS RUST MEDIC KIT can be used safely and effectively on ALL surfaces of stainless steel which are exposed to corrosive air and salt spray or wet, humid environments. Perfect for grills, area heaters, handrails and cable wire systems, architectural surfaces, pool and coastal environments.


Though stainless steel is a strong and durable metal, its finish is quite fragile. Machine-etching drums or wheels of varying grit textures create a grain pattern on the metal surface. The most common grain patterns are long linear and short staggered (distressed). The most commonly used grade material used is 304ss which is non-magnetic, therefore contains Less iron in its composition, yet some manufactures may use a 430ss grade on doors and accessories which contain More iron and is therefore, magnetic. In either case, both are subject to surface damage seen as rust and discoloration due to reaction of the metal to corrosive sodium salts and acids due to atmospheric assault. Chromium in the stainless steel is designed to help protect the metal from this damage yet, once compromised, exposes the steel to corrosion seen as rust.


STAINLESS RUST MEDIC KIT helps you restore rather than replace expensive grills, appliances, sinks and more by safely removing the rust to its core and protects the restored stainless surface with advanced nanotechnology. Nanotechnology works at a molecular level to penetrate into even the smallest of spaces and locks out moisture and acid damage while rendering the treated surface hydrophobic to repel corrosion-causing water.

Stainless Rust Medic™ Kit

$229.95 Regular Price
$199.95Sale Price
  • Link to demonstration video

    Kit Contents

    • #1 Cleaner 6oz.

    • #2 Nano Coating 4oz.

    • Stainless Nano Shield 2oz.

    • 1 - White Finishing Pad

    • 1 - Foam Applicator Pad

    • 1 - Microfiber Cloth

    • Instruction Sheet

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