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Barry's Hard Water Scale Rescue is a safe citric acid-based formula that quickly dissolves dried-hardened calcium and lime deposits, tarnish and rust on glass, porcelain, metals, tile, vinyl and stone surfaces.


Use on windows, bath/kitchen fixtures, household appliances, dishwashers, porcelain and granite, shower tile and glass, and aluminum frames


Safe near vegetation and in septic/sewer areas


Safely removes concrete splatter on windows, and metal surfaces. Effective on drinking fountains, metal mullions and sculptures


"#1 Leading Manufacturer's & Consumer's Choice"

Hard Water Scale Rescue Spray™ 16oz.

$12.95 Regular Price
$10.95Sale Price
  • 1) Spray Hard Water Scale Rescue directly on dry damaged surface.


    2) Allow to dwell for a few minutes.  Solution will bubble when dissolving lime and calcium deposits.  


    3) Agitate with soft scrub pad to remove crystallization.  


    4) Wash off with fresh water.  Repeat if necessary.  


    5) Wipe clean and dry. No residue or wax build-up.

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