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Barry's Copper Patina Rescue Homeowner Kit – Your First Aid Kit for Copper, Bronze and Brass!


Copper Patina Rescue is the ORIGINAL and ONLY manufacturer-supported and recommended product to restore the original genuine oil-rubbed brown to black patina found on most sinks, hardware, tables and faucet fixtures.


Our kit will also allow you to convert a bright metal finish on any of these metals to an oil-rubbed look. This kit will restore brown/black finish up to 24" x 24" surface areas


"#1 Leading Manufacturer's & Consumer's Choice"

Copper Patina Rescue™ Homeowner Kit

$52.95 Regular Price
$51.95Sale Price
  • Link to demonstration video


    Kit Contents:

    1-Instruction Pamphlet

    1-2oz. Copper Patina Gel

    1-1oz. Brown Wax

    2-Grey Scuff Pads

    1-Application Sponge

    1-Microfiber Cloth


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