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Barry's Copper Patina Maintenance Wax blends the finest waxes we know of for finishing copper along with the most effective inhibitors


Adds extra hardeners to create the first wax that is made just for copper!


The wax creates a very beautiful hard protective coating once cured


Wax is made with binders, rust, and UV inhibitors

Copper Patina Maintenance Wax™ 2oz.

$32.95 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
  • Apply the wax to a warm or cold surface. This wax works well when applied over another clear protective coating or used alone. It also is effective over a rusted surface or patina - although for outdoor rusted metal we recommend applying Metal Oil. Stippling with a brush may be the preferred method of application so as to not create streaking on the surface.


    Apply a smooth film of wax to the surface. Try not to let the wax fill up in the recessed areas as it may turn white. Use a toothbrush or soft brush to remove the excess wax from these areas. Allow wax to dry approximately 1 hour.


    A good rule of thumb is if wax comes off when you rub your finger over the surface it is too early to buff. When ready, buffwith a cloth type rag or microfiber cloth. Use a rag to smooth out the ridges. If you are applying the wax to a hot surface, let the surface cool down some. Do not apply the wax to extremely hot surfaces. Do not wait longer than these times to buff as the wax soon dries very hard. To apply multiple layers of wax, apply them very thinly and let each layer harden for a few hours before applying the next.

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