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Your heavy duty 2-N-1 Kit for stainless steel grills and outdoor surfaces. BBQ Exterior/Interior Restoration Kit is the ORIGINAL and ONLY manufacturer-supported and recommended product to permanently remove blemishes, abrasions, stains, scratches, heat scorch marks and rust from genuine non-coated brushed or satin stainless steel AND clean your grill’s interior of that ugly burnt-on carbon grease and film leaving bright Stainless behind.


Barry’s BBQ Exterior/Interior Restoration Kit combines our famous industry standard "Scratch-B-Gone" with our "Grill & Grate Degreaser" Spray to give you the necessary tools to clean your entire grill! Cut grease, remove rust, stains and scratches to restore your grill to new again!


"#1 Leading Manufacturer's & Consumer's Choice"

BBQ Exterior/Interior Restoration™ Kit

$58.95 Regular Price
$56.95Sale Price
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    *Wear Protective Gloves While Using!

    Kit Contents:

    1-Instruction Pamphlet

    1-2oz. Ultra Shine

    1-6oz. Grill & Grate Degreaser

    2-Brown Reconditioning Pads

    2-Grey Final Finishing Pads

    1-Small Yellow Handle w/Brown Reconditioning Pad

    1-Small Blue Handle w/Grey Fine Finishing Pad

    1-Patented Grip Handle

    1-Microfiber Cloth

    1-2inch Plastic Scraper


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